Sweet Pea soaps are affordable

Posted by Jennifer Ann Korpela on February 1, 2016 in Making Soap


At just $4.95 a bar, we strive to provide the handmade soap market with an extremely reasonably priced product.

At Sweet Pea Soapery, we believe that handmade soap is meant to be used. Buying from regional suppliers and purchasing our raw materials in bulk doesn’t mean more profit for us, it means a lower price point for you. And without you, the customer, this venture wouldn’t be possible!

Through years of product sourcing and market research, Sweet Pea Soapery has made responsible choices that we are happy to stand by. We gladly pass along our principles to the handmade-soap-loving community.

We don’t mind if you get together with your friends and place a bulk order, or if you buy in bulk because you know how well our soap keeps, or because you know it’s great to have extra handmade soap around the house for last minute gift ideas.

You are smart and should be proud of yourself! So why not buy more bars and save more? Any combination of Sweet Pea soaps can be used with our quantity discounts:

  • $21 for 5 bars ($4.20 ea) — Use coupon code buy5 at checkout
  • $38 for 10 bars ($3.80 ea) — Use coupon code buy10 at checkout
  • $80 for 25 bars ($3.20 ea) — Use coupon code buy25 at checkout