Bricks and mortar

Posted by Jennifer Ann Korpela on January 1, 2016 in Making Soap


109 West Bayfield Street in Washburn, Wisconsin will forever remain in my memory as a place of production, a sense community, and a source of art.

It was a grand notion and the greatest of goals achieved.

Seeing my dreams of being a small business owner materialize into a brick and mortar storefront was a highlight in my life. I would have looked forward to many years of ownership in that location had the building not gone up for sale. But, alas, my lease expired, I had to leave, and a new small business owner now has the pleasure of occupying the space.

Now I am extremely content making soap in my home studio.

bricks-and-mortar-signI am eager and pleased to remain productive making soap. I have this long-awaited e-commerce website for your shopping pleasure. Take a look around—and stay in touch with my new products and journal.