Luxurious artisan soaps made by hand

Sweet Pea Soapery is dedicated to creating the finest and most beautiful cold-process soaps designed to nurture your body and your senses. Our soaps are vegetable based and contain only pure essential oils, herbs, spices and colorants. We choose certified organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible and never use synthetic fragrances, chemicals or harsh detergents.

Soap is made in small batch soaps with form, function and creativity in mind. We love to layer, swirl and marble our soaps. Our scent blends are mindful and never overpower. Customer satisfaction is reason we are in business — and why we continue to grow and expand. We love to work with you, and for your pleasure.

Meet Jennifer, soap artisan

Jennifer-thumbnailJennifer enjoys a quiet life with her two children and two dogs in the foothills of the Penokee Mountain Range, just minutes from the southern shore of Lake Superior. She revels in the beauty of her natural surroundings, practicing gardening, birding and soap making. With nature as her inspiration, Jennifer strives to create low-impact, environmentally friendly products. She adores sharing her passion for soap making and believes in supporting her fellow artisans and local producers.

Not only does Jennifer have a major in Communicating Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Superior, with a Minor in Natural Resources, she has also made a career out of celebrating service in the Culinary Arts.

Quilting, papermaking, photography and collage are all favorite art forms that have clearly influenced the diversity and richness of her current soap collection.

Crafting soap since 2005

Over the past decade, our passion for the art of hand-crafted soaps has grown from a hobby to a well established soap company that offers over 20 varieties of soaps. Starting small and vending at local markets has given us the opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with our customers. We’ve heard what customers want in personal care products and we’ve taken the time to respond to their input, needs and requests.

From 2013-2015, Sweet Pea Soapery functioned as a storefront and studio in downtown Washburn, Wisconsin. Many eager hand-crafted soap enthusiasts, patrons and students brought the Soapery to a whole new level. Educating consumers and fellow soap makers became one of our specialties.

Sweet Pea Soapery currently functions as a home-based, artisan studio business. We sell directly to our customers and supply wholesale accounts. As demand for our products grows, so does our outreach. We believe that the art of crafting soap is full of endless possibilities — and we’ve embraced change as our business grows and evolves.

Jennifer currently works as the Manager/Art Wrangler at Bates Art Gallery in beautiful Bayfield, WI.