Investing in artisans

Posted by Jennifer Ann Korpela on January 10, 2016 in Making Soap


In the fall of 2014, when the Soapery was located on Bayfield Street in Washburn, Wisconsin, I had many a grand notion of advertising and promoting my beloved brick and mortar storefront. I was constantly dreaming up new ideas on how I could make a unique postcard or t-shirt design that would set me apart from the competition.

letterpressBeing one who easily falls in love with the old-fashioned and very hands-on ways of doing things, I was captivated for years with the art of letterpress.

I had been stocking my store with letterpress notecards and broadsheets from near and far. I knew that someday, I would commission a piece of letterpress artwork specifically for my small business needs.

Through the Kenspeckle Letterpress in Duluth, Minnesota, I was introduced to the one and only, Warrior Printress herself, Janelle Miller. As luck would have it, Janelle was just the spirited entrepreneur I needed to assist me in making my design dreams come true.

A couple of brainstorming and snail mail moments later, Janelle had designed and printed for me a graphic splash of uniqueness that has since been converted to the notecard gift enclosure you may find someday, tucked in amongst your Sweet Pea Soapery treasures.

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