Sweet Pea Soapery is dedicated to creating the finest cold-pressed soaps. Our soaps are vegetable based and contain only pure essential oils, herbs, spices and colorants. We choose certified organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible and never use synthetic fragrances, chemicals or harsh detergents. Our scent blends are mindful and never overpower.

Can I come to the Sweet Pea Soapery studio and purchase soaps?

Yes! But please make an appointment. Please call (715) 278-3963 or email sweetpeasoap@cheqnet.net. And don’t forget you can order online for studio pick-up!

What can I do if I am looking for a soap variety that I do not see for sale?

We are happy to make special orders. If you are wondering about a soap that you
have purchased at market or retail, please inquire. We may still indeed offer it, just not online.

Are your soaps organic?

We use certified organic palm and coconut oils, and choose organic herbs, grains and spices as frequently as possible. However, the answer is “no.” “Organic Certification” rights belong only to those who do the task of completing the paper work—it is extremely difficult to become certified as such in the health and beauty industry.

Are your soaps vegan?

Yes. (However, the solid lotion products are not vegan.)

Do you use lye to make soap?

Yes. Lye is sodium hydroxide. When it is diluted in water and blended with fats or oils, you then have soap. It is impossible to make hand crafted soap without the use of lye.

Is your soap considered “biodegradable?”

Yes! Please feel free to bath yourself when camping.

Do you ever make soaps with honey or goat’s milk?

Yes. They are available by request.

Do you have a baby soap?

Yes. It is available by request, and it is not vegan (it contains silk).

Do your soaps lather?

Yes. They really do. Nobody wants a soap that won’t lather.

Can I wash my hair with any of your soaps?

Of course! Everyone’s hair and skin type is different. If you don’t like the results, discontinue use.

Can I wash my dog with your soaps?

Yes. You. Can. Especially with the Lemongrass.

Your soaps are so long lasting! What can I do to avoid this?

Cut them in half with a paring knife! This is a great way to use them for travel or camping, and is much preferable to soaking them in water. Keeping your soap in the driest condition possible is always recommended for longevity.