Finishing touches

Posted by Jennifer Ann Korpela on January 15, 2016 in Making Soap


Every process contains steps. When it comes to soap making, I have, admittedly, some steps I look forward to more than others.

My favorite part comes after the scary lye and water part, and before the double-sided tape and paper label part.

Hand stamping each bar of slab style soap happens about a week after the freshly made soap is unveiled. Once the soap is firm enough to be turned out of the mold, it will rest for a day to cure the underside, just long enough to allow me to leave the perfect impression.


Sweet Pea Soaps are stamped, one by one, and cut by hand, prior to being placed on the curing rack.

The Sweet Pea Soapery stamp is our custom design logo that was transferred to a brass plate then mounted on a black walnut block (courtesy of Soap Impressions). Custom made soap stamps last for years, and provide the soap artisan with both a professional and personalized mark.